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  • Artist Spotlight

    Toby Lunn is well know for his abstract expressionism paintings. His gestural abstraction paintings are created with layers of brushwork and drip-painting, glazes and paint. Lunn describes his paintings as “a state of being."

  • SCOPE Miami Beach 2022

    Visit us at Booth F13 at #SCOPEMiamiBeach to view artwork by Kachelle Knowles from 11/29 – 12/4! Known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work, SCOPE Miami Beach will welcome 130 international exhibitors with a focus on the New Contemporary.

  • ECCHO (Expressive Collaboration and Creative House of Opportunities) is The Current's museum and studio space where we’ll host art exhibitions, showcase The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas’ permanent exhibition "Hard Mouth", promote artist residencies, and more.

About The Current

Much more than a vast collection of contemporary art, The Current Gallery and Art Center at Baha Mar aims to forge relevant and meaningful connections to creative communities both near and far. Curating captivating exhibitions and installations including The Fairwind and The Black Glove Curatorial Services, partnering with local, regional, and international art institutions, overseeing dynamic artist residencies, and driving thoughtful and reflective boutique and framing offerings all help define our scope. In addition to this, we facilitate art lessons and workshops, moderate lectures, and artist talks, and satisfy the cultural responsibilities of the Baha Mar Resort Foundation all to create the larger context of what Art Direction ‘is’ for Baha Mar.


The Current represents a wide-array of the most talented artists in the Bahamas today. Explore our online gallery where you can experience and purchase pieces from the exceptional selection of original Bahamian artwork, as well as classic prints, maps, and more.


The Current Boutique offers a bespoke collection of original handcrafted Bahamian goods, prints, apparel, accessories, home décor, ceramics, jewelry and one-of-kind gifts. Every item at the boutique has been carefully selected from the most talented local artisans and craftspeople in the Bahamas.


The Current offers a wide range of services for individuals and corporations alike. From our Frame Shop, with experts in custom framing for fine art, prints, photography or any other framing need, to our Black Glove curatorial services which includes art consultation, original production, framing, transportation, and installation.


The Current is focused on promoting a strong creative community in the Bahamas through captivating exhibitions, workshops and lectures, and classes. We welcome all to experience the power of art in The Bahamas.

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11 Strong

At the heart of The Current Gallery & Art Center’s programming, 11 Strong is one of the unique initiatives supported by Baha Mar for 2022. We want to foster a community that is eager to represent vibrant culture on a local and international stage. We believe this group of exceptional artists embodies the ethos of The Current, and with their creative rigor we can create a forceful team of artistic expression through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

The Fairwind Exhibition

The ideologies, beliefs and lifestyles that have shaped the culture of The Bahamas weave their way through this diverse display designed to inform, inspire and expose the soul of this unique archipelago nation. Encompassing more than 100 years of Bahamian art, the exhibition utilizes paintings, photography, sculpture, and artifacts.