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Dylan Rapillard

Dylan Rapillard

Dylan Rapillard (born 1979, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas) is a mixed media artist, but is best known for his mixed-media collages. Working as Print and Design Master at Bahama Hand Prints since 2006, his knowledge and exposure to silk-screen and pattern is increasingly evident in his paintings. The result is multi-layered wall-works implementing paint, print, digital media and found objects. Images of Bahamian flora and fauna, shells, the female figure and text are layered again and again to create complex patterns and traces.   

Rapillard has exhibited his work in several joint exhibitions with Bahamian Artist Dede Brown including Peep Show, Popopstudios ICVA (2011), Tickle Me Pink, Central Bank of The Bahamas (2013) and separately he exhibited in Sugar, Popostudios ICVA (2008). 

His work was selected for National Exhibition NE6 and NE7 at the National Gallery of The Bahamas.  

In 2015, he was commissioned by Baha Mar to create several large-scale public sculptures and wall hangings using his trademark layering techniques.