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Jhanée Finlayson

Jhanée Finlayson

Jhanée Finlayson is a Bahamian artist that signs her work with her Igbo name, Kenechi. She began studying fine art under the guidance of fellow artists, Sue Bennett Williams in The Bahamas and Andrew Gregg in Canada during her early childhood and adolescent years. As time progressed she worked on specializing in clay work, woodwork, media, and painting. She received her bachelor's degree with honours in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University in 2018. 

Finlayson is now based in Florence Italy, where she attends Polimoda and is projected to receive a masters degree in Creative Direction this year. This program focuses on management, fashion marketing, communication, design principles, brand architecture and trend forecasting.

In Finlayson's practice she likes to focus on ‘colour sensory’ as well as creating narratives that are inspired by personal events and psychoanalysis.