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John Cox

John Cox

Cox adroitly destroys certain clichés and often mindless tropes. Like a chef combining unexpected seasonings and greetings, he often juxtaposes ideas and images from home and abroad in a variety of media.

A cosmopolitan spirit, he liberally borrows from a treasury of artistic traditions and cultures, easily combining for example, Asian and Bahamian accents in his works.  Moreover, there is a playful imagination at work that readily casts polka dots on a kimono.

John has exhibited in galleries and spaces around the world, including “in exchanges in France, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, the United States and the Caribbean. He has also been a part of many international exhibitions including Art Basel.”

His cosmopolitan and global spirit are as vibrant as his fierce patriotism, though he eschews provincialism, nativism and the poisonous brews of noxious phobias

Cox uses colors and various found objects and material like poet and author Patricia Glinton Meicholas combines and mesmerizes with words and images to both celebrate and interrogate their subject matter.