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 KEEYA (b. Khia Poitier) is a multimedia artist and performer based in Nassau, Bahamas. Her diverse approach to art making includes digital + analog collage, music and motion media. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited at galleries in The Bahamas, The United States, London and Germany. In her fine art practice, she shines a spotlight on Black joy in the margins - positioning the autobiographical as authoritative and inherently valuable, rendering the personal as a space for both the political and catharsis. The hyper-embellishment of her work is a nod to diasporic practices such as Junkanoo - a celebration that began as a joyful rebellion and a choice to see the self as worthy through adornment.

Through her solo music project, KEEYA explores personal identity and celebrity culture. She released her debut EP ‘Paradise’ with Alacran Records in 2020.
Her work, in all of its manifestations, is an exploration and celebration of her intersecting identities and a rejection of the one-dimensionality so often grafted onto ideas of Blackness, Womanhood and West Indian heritage.