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11 Strong

The Current is proud to present our 11 Strong artists for 2022. We have established artists, John Paul-Saddleton, Lillian Blades, Dede Brown, Richardo Barrett, Toby Lunn, Dylan Rapillard, Averia Wright, Sue Katz, Samantha Treco, Kachelle Knowles, and Jason Bennett in this lineup.

Our goal is to position them in both local and international spaces to promote the diversity of Bahamian art. They will participate in a roster of exhibitions throughout the year, as well as International Art Fairs like, Art Volta in New York City, Aston Marten Residencies in Miami, and Scope - Art Basel on Miami Beach.

11 Strong embodies the ethos of The Current, and with their creative rigor, we believe we can create a forceful team of artistic expression.